19 PUBG Memes That Will Have You In Stitches

If you’re looking for a laugh, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked out 19 PUBG memes that are guaranteed to have you in stitches. Feel free to share these memes to your friends.

If you’ve played PUBG much, you’ll definitely be able to relate to some of the pictures showcased below, that’s for sure.

We All Have That One Friend

There’s always somebody out there that steals all of the loot off of kills they didn’t even take.

annoying friend meme

This Is Your Heartbeat On PUBG

This is what it feels like to get right to the end of a PUBG game. Legend has it that the second heartbeat sensor below is what your heartbeat looks like if you come second place.

funny heartbeats pubg

We All Need A 4x Scope

Anybody else feel insecure when they can’t find a 4x scope?

4 scope picture

He Protec

The pan is one of the best items in the game, right?

big pan pubg

That Moment When You’re Late To The Party

It’s so scary when you land down after everybody else in a populated area.

confused screaming pubg

Is This What Level 4 Armor Looks Like?

This has got to be the new unreleased level 4 armor, right?

level 4 pubg armor

When You Lock Eyes With Your Enemy

It’s always awkward when you catch another player landing beside you and neither of you have any weapons.

pubg funny

I Know What I’d Prefer

There’s only one armor item you ever truly need in PUBG.

pan funny picture

Come On, I Sent You An Invite Already

Why is it that I have to send 52 invites to my team before they all finally join?

invite players funny

There’s Got To Be Somewhere On The Map

Trying to find a place where somebody else hasn’t landed seems to be almost impossible at this point.

landing spots pubg

Maybe We Should Stay Indoors

Shall we just hide inside and wait for the gunshots to stop? Yeah, let’s do that.

pubg gunshots meme

Airdrops Are Scary

That moment when you finally get an airdrop item and have to run for your life to get into cover.

running pubg from crate meme

There’s Only One Way To Play

Smashing windows saves 0.0001 seconds of time, so why not smash every window in town to optimize looting?

pubg pictures

Getting A Loot Spot To Yourself

Then realizing that you’ve got 15 other people landing there too.

pubg memes are funny

What’s The Difference?

You know what, Patrick, you make a good point.

spongebob pubg

Becoming A Pro Streamer Is Easy

Thanks xx69ImYourDaddy69xx for always tuning in when nobody else will.

shroud stream memes

How Else Would We Do It?

There’s only one right way to play PUBG.

Don’t Make Fun Of The VSS

It’s just a little bit different, that’s all.

vss rubbish pubg

The Popularity Of PUBG

Well, you can’t deny the facts.

game popularity meme


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