Best Place To Land In PUBG

Trying to figure out the best place to land in PUBG? Well, wonder no more! We’ve gone through every drop location to find out which spots are truly the best.

As it turns out, it’s not as simple as picking a location on the map – the best place to land in PUBG often depends on different circumstances. These circumstances change every game. For example, the direction and position the plan flies in will always change. The areas that players drop will also change each game, and the location of the first circle is determined randomly.

So, with this in mind, how can we find a suitable place to land in PUBG? Well, by taking the three circumstances listed above, (circle location, plane location, player drop locations) as well as thinking about loot, we can come up with a strategy that’ll get us an optimal spot to land in PUBG every single time.

Best place to land in PUBG to stay in the circle

First things first – before we start thinking about other players and loot, we need to think ahead a little bit. You absolutely do not want to be fighting against the circle for the entire game. Instead, you’ll want to find a spot that can limit your running time as much as possible. This will give you more time to loot, more time to move to new loot positions, and more importantly, keep you safe from blue zone damage.

Because the location of circle is randomly assigned, the best strategy is to find an area on the map that has the highest chance of being in the circle or near the circle. Unsurprisingly, that area is right in the center of the map. The first circle takes up roughly a third of the entire playing area. If you do the maths, the chances of the blue circle being more than 1,000km away from your current location is very slim

Summary: Choose a location you like in the center of the map to avoid falling victim to the first circle.

Best place to land in PUBG for good loot – military vs civilian spots

If you haven’t noticed already, the loot in Playerunknown’s Battlerounds is far more standardized than other battle royale games. What we mean by this is that it’s easy enough to find high level gear in absolutely any loot spawn location. There may be a slightly higher chance to get better gear from military locations, but these are heavily contested. Fighting off other players isn’t a problem, but trying to fight your parachute to get to the ground before other players is a nightmare.

If you go for the most highly contested area on the map in search of high level loot, you’ll be constantly dealing with the stress of trying to find that first gun before the other people that have landed right next to you. This kind of gameplay is going to get you killed, and even if you survive, you’re not going to be as prepared for the rest of the game as you would be if you used our strategy below.

Follow these tips below to get the best loot. This loot includes lots of meds, ammo, and energy drinks. (This loot is far more valuable than a level 3 helmet and armor!)

  • Choose a spot in the center of the map so that you don’t need to worry about the circle.
  • Don’t go for the school, prison or apartments – this is a hotspot for action, which means you’ll have less opportunity to get kitted up.
  • Choose a spot slightly away from the trajectory of the plane – this should give you more freedom to loot away from other players.
  • Once you’ve landed, focus on getting a weapon, some meds, and some ammo
  • After you’re confident enough with your items, you can make your way towards the center of the map. Swing by the hotspots listed above if you’d like some PVP action early on in the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this guide! Hopefully you’ll now have more knowledge on the best place to land in PUBG.