Can You Outrun The Circle With Just Bandages?

We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where the circle is on the other side of the map. Thankfully, the first few circles don’t actually do that much damage. If you have a few first aid kits and painkillers, you’ll be fine, but can you outrun the circle with just bandages?

I ran an experiment to find out how. The rules were simple:

1 – I can only use bandages to heal. No energy drinks, no painkillers, only bandages.

2 – I must land at the edge of the map.

3 – To make the test fair, I can only start healing and moving towards the centre of the map once the first circle has already hit me.

4 –  To make things more exciting, I need to prove that it’s possible to make it to the end game and actually win with just bandages.

Can You Outrun The Circle With Just Bandages? – Video Proof

Can You Outrun The Circle With Just Bandages? – My Strategy

As you’ll be able to see in the video below, to outrun the circle with just bandages, you’ll need to optimise your time outside of the zone perfectly. If you want to increase your chances of surviving outside of the circle, you should follow the rules listed below.

is it possible to outrun the circle with just bandages

1 – When using a bandage, you can start to run when the med timer hits 0.5 seconds. The med will still heal you and you’ll have 0.5 seconds extra to run. You can more about this in our PUBG tips and tricks compilation.

2 – NEVER heal before 0.5 seconds. If you do this, you’ll lose out on a total of 3.5 seconds and you won’t even heal. You’ll see later in the video below that my mistake here cost me a game.

3 – ALWAYS use painkillers and energy drinks if you have them. Obviously, for this test I didn’t use them, but they make all of the difference.

4 – Make sure to not use the next bandage immediately. Bandages heal 10 HP over time, but they do not stack. This means that to successfully outrun the circle with just bandages, you must wait a few seconds before popping the next bandage. During this time, you can continue to run.

5 – Follow the most direct path to the next zone and don’t stop to loot unless you’re in desperate need of meds. As you can see in this video, it’s possible to stay in the circle from the very beginning and survive with just 25 bandages.

Can You Outrun the Circle With Just Bandages? – My Results

Okay, so at this point I’m sure you want to see the results. Check out my video showcasing the challenge below. If you don’t want to watch to the end, the answer is yes, it’s completely possible to survive with just bandages. Obviously, you are at a disadvantage. If you get hit, you can’t heal very quickly. Also, you’ll not be able to heal all the way to 100% health.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win. I got pretty close! Think you can do better? Create a video of you beating my position with only using bandages, and following the rules listed in the first chapter of this article above. If you manage to beat me, I’ll promote your video here and on our social media channels.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this guide and to watch the video! If you want to see more PUBG tips and tricks, make sure to check out our TwitterInstagram, or Facebook for updates on our latest Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds guides.