Can PUBG Be an eSport?

With the rising popularity of eSports, it begs the question, can PUBG be an eSport? Whilst PUBG has a different format to most eSports games, we think it has the potential to be eSports ready and in this article, we’ll explain how.

Can PUBG Be an eSport? – Does It Exist?

If you didn’t know already, the competitive scene for PUBG has already started to grow. Not only are big organizations now hiring PUBG teams, but there’s already regular events and tournaments. In fact, it was only earlier in 2017 that Intel Extreme Masters hosted a $200,000 PUBG tournament. The tournament saw teams backed by big organizations like Team Liquid, TSM, Cloud9, Luminosity, NIP, EG, and Penta.

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It’s clear that many organizations and tournament organizers are trying to get in early – PUBG has quickly become the most popular game on Steam, outperforming both Dota 2 and CS:GO. But one question that keeps cropping up is whether PUBG can be an eSport that’s actually enjoyable to watch, or are the tournaments simply riding on the wave of popularity?

Below, we’ve explained how PUBG esports actually works and how much potential it has.

Can PUBG Be an eSport? – How Does It Work?

In most PUBG tournaments, the format is first person squad mode. This game mode offers the highest level of competitive play. Teams can work together to fight their way to victory. Usually, each tournament will have 20 different teams of 4 players fighting it out across a series of games.

Teams are rewarded points based on how many players they kill and how they rank. At the end of the tournament, the team with the most points will win. Some tournaments are split into different phases, so teams can ‘qualify’ for the semi, quarter, or grand finals by getting more points than other teams.

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It’s surprisingly enjoyable to watch PUBG eSports and it’s clear that as the competitive scene grows, there will be more room for competitive play and strategy to be built around it. It’s still very new, but if anywhere were to ask us whether PUBG can be an eSport, we’d respond by saying, yes it definitely can.


So, can PUBG be an eSport? We think it can be. There are still a few things that need to be improved upon before it’s truly eSports ready, though. This includes better spectator controls so that it’s easy for those controlling the camera to showcase the action. It’s also important that PUBG Corp. optimize the game further.

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