Can PUBG be Played Offline?

We often get asked the following question – Can PUBG be played offline? Whilst it may be nice to play offline on Battlegrounds, it isn’t currently a feature in the game.

Can PUBG Be Played Offline? – The Answer

So far, there are no methods available for you to play PUBG offline. All game modes on Battlegrounds require you to be connected to the internet and play with other people on an online server.

PUBG Corp. hasn’t yet said anything about whether there would be an offline mode, but it’s possible that it may be created for tournaments and custom games. If PUBG eSports ever kicks off, tournament organizers may prefer to run their own offline servers instead of forcing players to be routed through the PUBG servers.

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In most other eSports titles, tournament organizers are able to create offline servers for players to join. A good example of this would be Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

For the time being, however, an offline mode for PUBG is out of the question. The development team has many other features to work on first, including optimizations to the game performance and the server performance.

Can PUBG Be Played Offline on Steam?

If you don’t want to play offline but would like to make it appear like your profile is offline so that your Steam friends can’t see that you’re playing, follow the steps provided below:

  • Open the Steam client
  • Click the ‘Friends’ tab at the top left of the Steam client
  • Click ‘View friends list’
  • Click the small drop down arrow next to your name and profile picture
  • Click ‘offline’
  • Your friends will no longer be able to see that you’re online. You can boot up and play PUBG and nobody will know

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