Can PUBG Run on 8GB RAM?

Can PUBG run on 8GB RAM? We’re often asked whether Battlegrounds can run with limited RAM, so in this guide, we have worked out exactly how much memory you really need to play PUBG smoothly.

Can PUBG Run on 8GB RAM? – Here’s What We Found

After testing PUBG, we came to the conclusion that PUBG can run on 8GB RAM. In fact, for the most part, 8GB RAM is more than enough. Through our testing, we found that PUBG usually used just under 4GB. You can learn more here about whether PUBG can run on 4GB RAM. We’ve provided a picture below to showcase the PUBG RAM usage.

can pubg run on 8gb ram?

So to answer your question, yes PUBG can run on 8GB RAM. This amount of memory even gives you some room to have some programs up in the background. If you don’t want to maximize your memory usage, you may want to keep your open Chrome tabs to a minimum, though. Our 16GB test build used about 9.5GB of RAM when running 10 Chrome tabs in the background.

If you make sure you don’t have too many programs or Chrome tabs open, your performance in PUBG won’t be limited by your RAM.


Can PUBG Run on 8GB RAM? – Our Results

We confirm that PUBG can run on 8GB RAM. If you like to have lots of programs open in the background and like to alt-tab between programs regularly, we’d suggest upgrading to 16GB RAM to give you a bit more room to play with. If you have an 8GB RAM stick in your PC already, you’ll only need to purchase another single 8GB stick to boost your RAM to 16GB. We’ve provided a couple links to 8GB sticks below.

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