Can PUBG Run on Integrated Graphics?

Can PUBG run on integrated graphics? – We’ve taken a look at whether it’s actually possible to do.

PUBG is quite a demanding game so whilst it is possible, to run PUBG on integrated graphics, we’ve found that the frame rate you get is very low. In fact, in our tests, we were lucky to consistently get more than 10 frames per second.

Can PUBG Run on Integrated Graphics – The Answer

To put it simply, PUBG can’t run on integrated graphics. If you try it, you’ll load up into the game, but the game will run at less than 15 frames per second. You can increase your frame rate by decreasing your resolution, but to get 20 frames per second, you’ll have to play on a resolution that makes it impossible to actually play the game properly.

Another thing to remember is that if you’re using integrated graphics to play PUBG, it may also mean that the rest of your hardware isn’t good enough. In our previous tests, we found that PUBG needs at least 3.5GB RAM spare, so it’s best to have 4GB at the very minimum. We’d recommend 8GB or more though.

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We also found that PUBG needs a fairly new processor. You can find out if PUBG can run on your computer by following our guide here.

Whatever hardware you may have, chances are it’ll be your integrated graphics that will be holding you back the most. We’d suggest upgrading to a graphics card if you have a PC, or purchasing a gaming PC or Xbox One if you’re only on a laptop. You can take a look at a high end and low end gaming PC from amazon below. Both of these PCs can run PUBG reliably, but you’ll be able to play with higher frame rate and on better settings with the high end option.

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