Can PUBG Run on Linux?

As somebody that uses Linux myself, I wanted to find out one thing; can PUBG run on Linux? I’ve looked into it to find out the right answer.

Unfortunately, PUBG can’t run on Linux directly, but there are some workarounds. It’s also important to consider that the engine that PUBG runs on has been ported to Linux before.

Can PUBG Run on Linux?

To expand on the information above, PUBG cannot be played on Linux natively. The options you have available to allow you to play PUBG on a Linux machine include the following:

  • Running a virtual machine with Windows on
  • Using a cloud streaming service like Liquidsky

There are two major problems with both of these options. Firstly, the Battleye anticheat that PUBG uses must have access to a number of Windows level features that aren’t accessible on a Windows virtual machine. As a result, you’ll either be kicked or banned by the anticheat.

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The second option is cloud streaming – this is a viable option for playing PUBG, but you’ll need a high speed internet connection to get a consistent, lag-free stream from the cloud service you connect to. The performance of these systems isn’t great either, and you’ll often find yourself being forced to pay out a monthly subscription for access to these kinds of services.

Will PUBG Be Ported To Linux In The Future?

Whilst you can’t run PUBG on Linux right now, PUBG may be ported to Linux in the future. PUBG uses the Unreal Engine and plenty of other games using the same engine have been ported to Linux in the past. We just have to keep in mind that the current development team working on Battlegrounds is very busy right now, so it may be some time before a Linux port comes if it comes at all.


So, can PUBG run on Linux? Unfortunately, it can’t run directly on the Linux OS. You’ll need to run Steam and PUBG in a cloud streaming service. If you use such a service, you are going to have an impact on performance.

If you have a PC with good hardware, we’d suggest installing Windows 10 as a separate partition on your machine and then booting into Windows when you’d like to play PUBG.

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