Expert Pochinki Guide – How To Win In Pochinki Every Game

I’ve created this expert Pochinki guide to help everybody make the most out of the central city in PUBG.

Pochinki is one of my favorite cities in Battlegrounds. If you master the different tips and secrets I’ll be outlining in this guide, you’ll be able to completely dominate the city and set yourself up for a win every single game.

If you’d rather watch this expert Pochinki guide instead of reading how to win in Pochinki every game, you can scroll down to the video version below. If not, enjoy the read!

To summarize our expert Pochinki guide better, I’ll be splitting it into four major steps. These steps are also present in the video. First, the video is provided below. After that, the written version can be found. This guide has specifically been designed with SOLO FPP servers in mind, but it can work well on other servers too.

Expert Pochinki Guide – How To Win In Pochinki Every Game (VIDEO)

Expert Pochinki Guide | Step 1: Looting

Our first step in Pochinki is to land safely and pick the best spot to loot. To begin with, we need to land in the block of buildings highlighted in the image below.

expert pochinki guide how to win in pachinki 1

It is very important that you land in this block of buildings. You’ll be using this space later to get an OP view of the surrounding area. Whilst you’re landing, make sure to keep an eye out for any players that are landing close to you.

As you land, make note of any players that may be entering buildings in your block. AVOID these buildings at all costs to begin with. Instead, focus on empty buildings for a safer chance at looting.

Honestly, looting is boring. This strategy focuses on looting for a very quick time and then letting other players bring loot to you. However, it’s important that you get two crucial items for this strategy work.

You must loot a short ranged weapon and a long ranged weapon. Whatever you choose is up to you, although a shotgun/SMG as a close ranged weapon and an AR with a scope as a long ranged weapon works well.

As soon as you have your long ranged and close ranged weapon, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Expert Pochinki Guide | Step 2: Asserting Dominance

The next step in this expert Pochinki guide is to assert dominance by climbing to the rooftops. To do this, you must make your way up one of two red three-story buildings pointed out in the image below.

expert pochinki guide how to win in pachinki 2

Once you’re on top of one of these buildings, you can jump from the roof onto the roof of the building next to it. After that, you can jump between the buildings in this block freely. This space will be your new home.

expert pochinki guide how to win in pochinki 3

These roof tops are good for multiple reasons. Firstly, you have plenty of views of the entirety of Pochinki. Secondly, the angles on the rooftops provide great cover no matter where you get shot from. Thirdly, players will have a hard time trying to find you, especially if they’re playing in first person servers.

To begin with, you can sit up on these buildings and keep an eye out for other players. It’s at this point you have two choices.

If you hear gunfire, you can do either of the following:

  • Make your way to the gunfire, take down the players, loot them and then return to your buildings (more risk)
  • Stay on the rooftops and wait for the gunfire to die down. Keep an eye on the location to see if you can take them down from a distance. (safer)

Expert Pochinki Guide | Step 3: Baiting

Once you’ve asserted your dominance in Pochinki by using the rooftops to your advantage, it’s time to learn about the secrets of baiting. This is an incredibly powerful tactic that works wonders to bring players (and their loot) straight to you.

expert pochinki guide how to win in pachinki 4

I suggest watching the baiting section in the video. (Starts at 4:50) If not, read the information below to understand how to bait in Battlegrounds.

  • If you know a player is nearby, you can shoot your own weapon to simulate a gun fight.
  • Use two different weapons to make it sound like an exchange of gunfire is happening between two players.
  • Most players in PUBG will run towards gunfire in the hopes that they can catch you off-guard, so the next step is to sit and wait for your bait to work.
  • If it works, you can listen out for footsteps.
  • In the video, you can see how I’ve used hiding spots and the rooftops to work in my advantage to catch baited players off guard.


Expert Pochinki Guide | Step 4: Win

If you’ve successfully followed our guide on how to win in Pochinki so far, chances are you have managed to collect plenty of meds, ammo, and other loot off of the players in Pochinki.

expert pochinki guide how to win in pachinki 5

You won’t need to loot yourself because baited players will deliver loot straight to you. The next step is to leave Pochinki when the circle comes in and then make your way to victory. If you can, try to pick up level 3 armor from dead players and try not to leave Pochinki too late if the circle is far away.

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