How to Find Level 3 Armor

Want to know how to find level 3 armor in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds? Read through the information below to increase your chances of finding it in the game.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the best areas on the map to find level 3 armor and level 3 helmets. After that, we’ll delve into details surrounding the chances of finding high tier armor in non-military loot areas. To end the guide, I’ll share some details on how protection works with level 3 armor.

How to Find Level 3 Armor – Best Spots

There are two main areas in the map that are worth aiming for if you’re after that coveted level 3 armor. To get armor earlier in the game, you have to enter more contested areas. You aren’t going to be able to get a safe spot to loot like you can by following our guide on the best place to land in PUBG, but getting hold of a good set of armor is worth the risk. Take a look at the top two spots below.

How to find Level 3 Armor in Georgopol

Georgopol is one of the best areas in the game. If you want to know how to find level 3 armor quickly, the shipping yard area in Georgopol is the place to be. Not only is it the perfect spot for high tier armor, but it’s also an amazing spot for scopes, attachments, meds, and pretty much anything else.

how to find level 3 armor in georgopol 1

The reason why the Georgopol shipping yard is so great is because the shipping crates have one of the most densely packed loot spawn areas in the entire game.

How to loot in Georgopol:

Looting safely in Georgopol can be hit and miss. Sometimes, you’ll have the entire shipping yard to yourself, whilst other times the shipping crates are packed. If you plan to land at the shipping yards, set up a plan to land in a specific section of crates to begin with.

This way you can use the crates as cover as you find your first weapon. If you’re playing with friends, stick together – close ranged battles are going to happen between the crates, so having friends nearby to give you backup quickly is crucial.

How to find Level 3 Armor in Military Base

The military base is also an incredible area for those wanting to know how to get level 3 armor in PUBG as quickly as possible. The military base is comprised of a variety of different buildings, all of which have dense loot spawns.

how to find level 3 armor in military base 2

I’m not sure if this is anecdotal, but so far I have found the spawn rate for level 3 armor and high level attachments to be slightly lower than Georgopol. You will, however, find dozens of rifles, hundreds of rounds for those rifles, and plenty of meds and boosts.

How to loot in the Military Base:

The military base is a hotspot for activity earlier in the game. However, because it’s far larger than other hotspot locations, such as the prison, it’s often easier to find your own little corner and get kitted up without being forced to fight too many players.

You will be forced to fight if you land near another player, but if you choose either of the three locations below and stick to looting those primarily, you should be kitted up within a couple of minutes. After that, you can fight your way out of the military base and move inland.

The Apartments – If you prefer long-mid ranged battles, attempt to land on an apartment roof that isn’t occupied. Take a weapon from the roof and make sure you clear out the area before you start looting the apartment interiors.

The East-Side Industrial Buildings – If you prefer short ranged battles, aim for the industrial buildings on the east side. These buildings are packed with loot, but you’ll be pressured to fight players in enclosed corridors.

The Garages – You can play it safer by looting the garages on the west side of the military base. The garages are often less contested. The loot spawns there are not as dense as other spots, but they’re reasonably decent.

Can Better Armor Spawn Anywhere?

When trying to learn how to find level 3 armor in PUBG, one misconception players have is that it can only spawn in military loot areas. This is certainly not true. In fact, I’ve had just as much luck finding level 3 armor in standard buildings.

how to find level 3 armor in georgopol 2

So far, I’m not sure if there’s a higher percentage for level 3 armor to spawn in a loot spot in military areas. What I do know is that there are often much denser spawns in military areas. This means more chances for a loot spot to roll a level 3 vest or level 3 helmet because there are simply many more loot spots.

In summary, if you’re seeking level 3 armor, going to military spots like those listed above will help improve your chances.

What Does Level 3 Armor in PUBG Do?

It’s worth learning how to find level 3 armor in PUBG because it can drastically increase your survivability. The damage reduction is far greater on a level 3 armor and helmet than it is on a level 1 or even a level 2.

I’ll be running some tests to check out the exact damage rates, so stay tuned for that! On a final note, the armor rating you’ll see in the UI is an indication of how much health the armor has before it breaks. No matter what health the armor has, it still provides the same rate of protection. For this reason, a damage set of level 3 armor is often worth keeping over pristine level 2 armor.

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