Guide: How To Use The S1897 in PUBG

Looking for some tips on how to use the S1897 in PUBG? This is the place to be. At the time of writing, the S1897 is one of three shotguns available in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

All three shotguns offer fairly similar damage and spread stats, but the slight variations can make or break a gunfight depending on the circumstances. Let’s take a look at what makes the S1897 stand out. Read to the end to pick up some extra tips for using the weapon.

PUBG S1897 Overview:

The S1897 is a great choice for anybody looking for a quick kill in close quarters. It’s often a better choice than the double barrel S686 simply because it can pump out five shots before a reload is necessary. 

guide on the s1897 in pubg

• Shares the highest shotgun hit damage alongside the S686
• Fits in 5 slugs per reload

• Range is slightly worse than the S686 due to higher base spread
• The S1897 slowest firing shotgun currently available


Is The S1897 the Best Shotgun In PUBG?

All three shotguns in PUBG are worth considering in close-ranged situations. They’re a great alternative to SMGs such as the Tommy Gun. We wouldn’t say the S1897 is the best shotgun in PUBG, but it is perhaps the most forgiving shotgun if you miss your first shot.

jumping guide on the s1897 in pubg

Below, we’ve provided a quick comparison of the three shotguns currently in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Read through it to get an understanding of which shotgun is best for different scenarios.

  • The S686 is a quick-firing weapon with 25 damage and the longest range. Unfortunately, it only has room for two shots before a reload. The reload is fast, however.
  • The S1897 shares the same 25 damage stat as the S686. Its range and spread is slightly worse, but as a tradeoff it has 5 shots before reload.
  • The S12K is a quick-firing weapon with 20 damage and 5 rounds. It has the shortest range for all shotguns but its semi-auto design makes it a great choice for extremely close scenarios.

With the information above in mind, it’s safe to say that the S1897 is often a good middle ground between the two shotguns. It’s not necessarily the best, but it’s the most consistent.

How To Use The S1897 in PUBG

Now that we’ve taken a look at how the S1897 performs in comparison to other shotguns in Battlegrounds, let’s next take a look at some tips to help you learn how to use the S1897 in PUBG:

  • Try to limit your distance between your enemy and your shotgun before firing. The closer you are, the better chance you’ll have to get a 1-shot kill.
  • Shotguns are surprisingly effective at hitting enemies from a distance. However, the further the enemy, the less damage the shotgun will do.
  • You can increase the number of pellets that hit an enemy at range by crouching or proning. You can also use the shotgun choke to increase spread and improve long range damage.
  • The reload animation for the shotgun feeds one slug at a time. You’re able to cancel the animation at any time by shooting, even if the shotgun hasn’t been fully loaded.

Hopefully, this information on how to use the S1897 in PUBG will prove to be useful! Let us know your thoughts on this guide by getting in touch with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.