Tips For How To Use The SKS in PUBG

Want to know how to use the SKS in PUBG? Hopefully, this guide will help you out! Whilst it’s not as desirable as some other options, the SKS is still one of the highest damage weapons in-game. It also has the highest damage out of any weapon available outside of loot drops, besides the Kar98K. Obviously, the shotguns are an outlier here, too.

The SKS is often left behind by most players because of its high skill curve. Its high-level damage comes with some massive trade-offs, making it difficult to pick up and use. Firstly, the recoil on the SKS is incredibly high in comparison to any other weapon. Secondly, the bullet speed falls off behind other snipers and assault rifles. Check out my tips for using the SKS effectively below.

How To Use The SKS During Close-Ranged Fights

To begin with, if you’d like to use the SKS as a mid-to-close ranged weapon, you’ll need to equip it with the right items. I’d highly recommend having a red dot, holographic, or 2x scope spare in your backpack so that you can switch to it when you’re engaged in a close-ranged fight.

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Most players will pop a 4x or an 8x onto the SKS and run with it like that throughout the entire game. Whilst this is a great setup for long distance fights, dealing with close-up enemies brings two major problems into play.

Firstly, you’ll be zooming in far further than you need at closer distances – this is only going to make it harder to aim. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll feel the recoil of each shot much harder when using the higher magnification scopes. Swap to a red dot or holographic and the recoil is far easier to manage.

The best strategy is to keep your red dot, holographic, or 2x scope on the SKS at all times so that you can react to immediate threats more easily.

If you engage in a longer range fight, you’ll often have the time to swap out your close-ranged optics for a higher magnification scope such as the 4x. Once a long ranged battle is over, switch back to the short-ranged optics.

How To Use The SKS At Long Range

The SKS is a DMR, but if you’d like to learn how to use the SKS like a sniper, you must treat it like a sniper. If you take a look at the other snipers in Battlegrounds currently, you’ll notice that the M24, Kar98K, and AWM all have bolt action receivers.

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This means you need to reload a shot into the barrel after every shot. With this setup, you’re limited to shooting relatively slowly. This slow fire rate is rewarded with a stable recoil that’s more manageable.

If you chuck an 8x on an SKS and start rapidly firing at enemies, you’re going to have some trouble hitting your shots. Instead, treat it like the other snipers at this distance and pace your shots. In my experience, short 2-shot bursts work well on the 8x.

With a 4x you can get away with 3-shot bursts and still manage to manage the recoil. It is entirely possible to manage more shots per burst, but you must understand that more rapid shots will mean more difficult recoil to control.

If you’d like better accuracy, or need to get more shots off quickly, try crouching or proning. The recoil and spread is somewhat reduced when you’re crouched – it’s reduced even more when you’re lying down.

Understanding the Limits of the SKS

The SKS is an incredibly powerful weapon when in the right hands. With a semi-auto receiver, it’s capable of firing as fast as you can click your mouse. However, accurate, slow bursts are often more rewarding, especially at longer distances.

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You’ll find that the SKS is very useful in short-to-mid ranged battles when using standard optics. Usually, the recoil is easy enough to manage, which gives you the option to use the SKS as a powerful semi-auto rifle.

When using 4x or 8x magnification scopes, you must treat the weapon with a little more respect. This means you may need to slow down your fire rate a little to maintain a decent level of accuracy.

Like mentioned before, using short 2-shot bursts is one of the most effective ways to use the SKS at longer distances. The SKS has a base damage of 55, so whilst it won’t tear through level 3 armor like the AWM,  2 accurate hits can outdamage a Kar98k shot (72 damage) and even an M24 shot (84 damage).

Hopefully you have found our guide on how to use the SKS helpful. Make sure to visit our Instagram, Facebook, and, Twitter for more updates on new guides and tips for Battlegrounds.