How To Use The Tommy Gun in PUBG

Want to learn how to use the Tommy Gun in PUBG? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll offer tips on how to use the Tommy Gun. We’ve also provided some information so that you can compare it to the other SMGs.

The Tommy Gun has recently moved to civilian spawn locations. Essentially being the new kid on the block, how does it compare to the UMP, the Uzi, and the Vector? Many PUBG players often overlook the Tommy Gun in favor of other submachine guns, but it’s surprisingly decent.

PUBG Tommy Gun Overview:

Despite what others may think, the Tommy Gun is a top contender for one of the best SMGs in Battlegrounds. Its damage is unbeaten by other SMGs and its tradeoffs are manageable.

is the tommy gun worth using in PUBG

• Insanely high damage for an SMG
• Recoil isn’t as bad as it initially seems
• Lots of Ammo Per Magazine

• No support for compensator or optics
• Range isn’t bad for an SMG, but Not as high as the UMP


Is The Tommy Gun Worth Using in PUBG?

If you’re a fan of close-ranged combat in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, we think that the Tommy Gun is worth picking up.

The most noticeable feature of the Tommy Gun is that it cannot have optics attached to it. This makes it a difficult weapon to use whilst using ADS. However, it’s clear that the Tommy Gun isn’t designed for mid distance fights like the UMP is.

The Tommy Gun suits those that like to go in guns blazing. It’s a formidable weapon to use whilst hipfiring and suits those that are looking for a more agile playstyle. Firstly, the Tommy Gun actually does more damage than any other SMG in PUBG currently.

tips on how to use the tommy gun in PUBG

You can check the latest stats here, but at the time of writing, the Tommy Gun does 38 damage per hit, which is more than any other SMG. The UMP, on the other hand, does 35 damage, the Vector does 31 damage, and the Uzi does 23.

With no armor or level 1 armor, the extra few points of damage make all the difference. You’ll start to notice fewer deviations in time to kill when firing at players with level 2 and level 3 armor.

The Tommy Gun also has room for 30 rounds by default. Pop on an extended mag and it’s boosted to 50 rounds per magazine. This is a long shot higher than most of the other SMGs. The UMP9 also has 30 rounds per mag, but an extended mag will only push it to 40.

The Tommy Gun actually shares quite a lot in common with the UMP. The recoil on both weapons is almost identical. The spread on the Tommy Gun is very slightly higher, and its damage drops off at 200 meters, whilst the UMP drops off at 300 meters.

how to use the tommy gun 3

The downside to the Tommy Gun is that it cannot use a compensator, although it can support a forward grip. The recoil improvements on the foregrip are, unfortunately, hardly noticeable in comparison to the compensator, which cannot be used on the Tommy Gun.

So, for a small increase in damage and extended mag size, the Tommy Gun is a great weapon for extremely close quarters situations. If you’d like a slightly more versatile SMG, the UMP may be the best choice – it can support optics and its recoil is far more manageable once a compensator has been attached. With that being said, if you are the kind of person to get up in the face of your enemies, there may be no better choice than a Tommy Gun.

How To Use The Tommy Gun in PUBG

So now that we’ve described the pros and cons of the Tommy Gun, let’s take a look at the best usage scenarios for the Tommy Gun. Follow the tips below to learn how to use the Tommy Gun in PUBG more effectively.

  • Use the Tommy Gun as a weapon for extreme close quarters – for example; alleyways, inside buildings, and close tree-to-tree combat.
  • Past 100 meters, the Tommy Gun isn’t worth using. Make sure to have a long ranged weapon, such as an assault rifle as a backup.
  • If you’re planning to use the Tommy Gun in the later phases of the game, you should focus on finding areas where players are forced to fight you in close quarters. You can learn more positioning tips on our guide on how to win more solo games.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! Hopefully, these tips will help you to learn how to use the Tommy Gun in PUBG. Remember, you can visit our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates on new guides and PUBG tips.