How to Win More Solo Games

Want to learn how to win more solo games in PUBG? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ve listed some of the best tips for staying alive out there and securing yourself more chicken dinners.

Battlegrounds can be a harsh game, and it’s even harsher when you’ve got nobody to watch your back.

However, solo mode in PUBG gives you plenty more flexibility because you’re not alone in being alone. In fact, every other player is forced to play solo too, which means you only need to kill people once – no worrying about enemy team mates pulling out god tier revives. If you learn to be more aware of your surroundings, you can give yourself the competitive edge over other players.

Check out the top tips to learn how to win more solo games below.

This guide will be split into three sections. You can either read through the entire guide, or choose the sections you struggle in the most. The sections we will cover are the early game, the mid game, and the late game. Using any of the information in this guide should help you to win more solo games, or at least help you survive for longer.

How to Win More Solo Games: Early Game

Surprisingly, the early game is one of the hardest parts to win, especially in solo. A lot of the game comes down to luck. For example, the number of players that land near you is mostly based on chance, and the loot you’ll get before nearby players come towards you guns blazing is also down to chance.

how to win more solo games in PUBG

If you learn to get through the early game stage, chances are you’ll have a very good chance at lasting till the very end. Once you’ve nailed your early game strategy, you’ll be on your way to learning how to win more solo games effortlessly.

Land safely

Before you can learn how to win more solo games, you need to know how to win the early game. The first step to improve your early game is to work on your landing strategy. It’s too easy to go for the heavily contested military zones, but this will often end your game prematurely.

Be smart, and choose areas away from popular hotspots. The strategy behind choosing where to land is actually so in-depth that we’ve created an entire guide for it.  I’d recommend reading it, but if you can’t, you can save time by reading the tips below instead.

  • Choose a spot in the center of the map so that you don’t need to worry about the circle.
  • Don’t go for the school, prison or apartments – this is a hotspot for action, which means you’ll have less opportunity to get kitted up.
  • Choose a spot slightly away from the trajectory of the plane – this should give you more freedom to loot away from other players.
  • Once you’ve landed, focus on getting a weapon, some meds, and some ammo before taking up any fights. AVOID fights, to begin with.
Focus on loot, not kills

Like mentioned above, it’s very important that you focus on getting kitted up before you start attacking other players. If you’re forced to engage, by all means go for it, but you’ll be much better prepared if you find your own quiet corner to loot first – you can come back and mop up players first.

how to win more solo games loot

You absolutely do not want to be frantically searching for weapons as a player is doing the same in the room next to you. This style of gameplay is frustrating and will only end up with you basing your chances on the luck of the draw when trying to get a weapon before your enemy.

Prepare for the first circle

After the first few minutes of gameplay, the first circle will appear. If you’ve already paid attention to the tips listed above, you’ll hopefully be within walking distance.

how to win more solo games first circle

You should always keep an eye on the clock and make sure you’re safely in the circle as quickly as possible. If you want to play it super safe, once you’ve got enough loot to sustain a fight, make your way to the circle and then continue to loot, as opposed to looting more first.


How to Win More Solo Games:  Mid Game

The mid game in PUBG is surprisingly easy in solo mode. The threats you’ll be dealing with at this point aren’t nearly as difficult as they are in duos or squads. Your main focus at this point will be to continue looting so that you can get your hands on more meds, more boosts, and more ammo. Once you’ve got enough items, you can change your focus.

how to win more solo games in PUBG 3

You can start to pay attention to the circle and start to find locations to move to in preparation for the next zone. Below are some tips to keep in mind during the mid game to help you win more solo games.

Prepare your locations on the circle distance

If you need to continue looting, make sure to keep your priority on staying inside the circle first. You can accomplish this by simply planning your next loot spot in an area that’s within the circle.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

One of the most powerful tools in PUBG is the free look camera. As you’re traveling in PUBG, use the num lock or = key to start auto-running, then use your free hand to hold down the alt key. Constantly use the free look camera to check your surroundings. The more you use it, the less chance you’ll get unexpectedly jumped by other players.

You should also be switching up your weapons depending on what location you’re in. If you’re walking towards a building, for example, switch to a short ranged weapon. If you’re walking in open ground, have your long ranged weapon ready.

Never be caught with your pants down and always make sure to switch your current weapon to match your environment. We’ve got more in-depth loadout tips here.

How to Win More Solo Games: Late Game

Surviving the mid game shouldn’t be too difficult, so long as you follow the tips listed above. Chances are, you’ll breeze through it – you may come across a player or two, but in most cases the mid game will be relatively quiet. The late game will now begin.

how to win more solo games PUBG 2

In my opinion, as soon as the player count drops to the low 20’s, you’ve made it to the late game. Give yourself congratulations and a pat on the back because things are going to get a lot harder from here on out.

Keep an eye on the player count

During the late game, you should always be keeping an eye on the player count.

With more players in the game, you’ll need to be more cautious about your surroundings. Once the player count drops into single digits, you can start to mentally keep track of players and their location. Hearing shots east? That’s got to be two players. Sniper fire north? That’s one more. Keep a mental tally of players and their rough location.

Survey the environment for good terrain

Once you’ve got a rough idea about where the majority of players are, you can use this to your advantage to find a good spot to camp. At this stage in the game, staying still and waiting for the next circle is the best strategy. Moving around when there’s only a handful of players left will put all eyes on you.

how to win more solo games battlegrounds

If you don’t know where players are, focus on finding an area where you’re covered from as many sides as possible. Or, if you’re in open terrain, find an area at the very edge of the circle – this way you can use the circle as a wall to face away from.

Choosing the right time to attack

Winning the late game is all about finding the right moment to attack. You shouldn’t attack a player just because you see them. There are three criteria to check when choosing the right time to attack during the late game phase. Check them out below:

  • Ask yourself if you’re confident you can get a kill on the player you see. If you are, shoot. If you aren’t, don’t give away your position.
  • Are they being attacked by another person? If so, try to spot the attacker. If you’re smart, you can easily take both kills here.
  • Are your sides covered? If you’re in the open, taking a shot may leave you open to attack from other players, so keep an eye on that.

There is some luck to this phase of the game, but if you focus on positioning and make the right judgments on when to shoot, you’ll improve your chances to get into the top 3.

Baiting out other players

It will get to the point where the last two players are hiding behind cover. At this point, you’ll need to do the same. You can use third person to keep an eye on players. The next enclosing circle will work as a countdown timer. At one point, either you or your opponent will be forced out of cover by the circle. Follow these steps to secure yourself a solo win against the last remaining player.

  • If the next circle will push you out of cover, you have the remaining time on the current circle to bait out the last player. You can do this by throwing grenades and molotovs at their cover. Alternatively, you can try shooting the left or right side of their cover. If they don’t know where you are, they may think you’re shooting from another direction and may move into view.
  • If the next circle will push the enemy out of cover, simply wait it out. Keep an eye on their cover and be prepared to take them down when the circle closes in. Make sure to watch out for grenades too.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading this guide! At this point, you should have learned more about how to win more solo games in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. With everything, it takes both practice and knowledge to improve. We’ve given you the knowledge, so now all you need to do is go out there and get in the practice!