PUBG AWM Guide – Detailed Stats And Epic Tips

This PUBG AWM guide contains the best tips for using the most powerful sniper in Battlegrounds. Check out stats, compare it to other weapons and learn how to use it in different scenarios here.

Before we offer expert tips on how to use the AWM, let’s first look at the stats of the weapon and how it compares to other items in PUBG.

PUBG AWM Guide: Stats, Pros and Cons

With the most stopping power in the game, the AWM is always worth picking up. Its damage is through the roof, as is its accuracy.


•  Highest damage in the game
•  Very accurate at long range

• Very low fire rate
• Hard to use effectively at close range


  • Damage: 120
  • Damage/second: 79.73
  • Zero-Range: 100-1000 meters
  • Ammo: 5
  • Fire modes: Semi
  • Fire rate rating: 1/5
  • Spread rating: 5/5
  • Recoil rating: 5/5
  • Bullet Velocity: 5/5

How To Use The AWM In Close Ranged Fights

Whilst the AWM is best used for long range encounters, there’s no denying that it can be powerful in close ranged fights too. This guide goes over some of the basics.


The only true way to use the AWM effectively in close ranged fights is to alternate your usage between the AWM and another weapon. You need to be quick on the trigger and then even quicker on switching to another weapon to finish off any opponents you hit in the body.

Because of the huge damage rating of this weapon, it’s relatively easy to shoot a player in the chest and then 1-tap them with an AR or even an SMG. I’d suggest using a red dot, holo sight or 2x for close range encounters.

If you’re approaching an area with tight lines of sight, for example, inside a city, switch out your current scope on the AWM to one of the optics mentioned above. Once you’re back in open land you can switch back to a higher zoom scope.

Never use the iron sights on the AWM – they’re incredibly difficult to use.

How To Use The AWM At Long Range

The AWM trumps all else when using the weapon at long distances. Trying to master its long range potential isn’t easy, however. I’ve listed some top tips for mastering the weapon at long distances below.

  • Wait for the right moment to shoot. (For example, when a player stops moving to loot or heal.)
  • Always aim for the head. The AWM won’t 1-shot players in the body if they have level 1 armor or higher.
  • If your shot is very far away, use the map to zero. Each small square is 100 meters. Use Page-up and Page-down to zero.
  • You can still switch to an AR and finish off kills at long range.

Keep the above tips in mind and your AWM long range usage will be far more efficient.

Summary: How To Use The AWM In PUBG

Thankfully, the AWM is fairly easy to use because it is very powerful, has high accuracy and very high bullet velocity. It does take some time, however, to master usage at longer distances. It’s also not always convenient to use the AWM in close range encounters due to its awfully slow fire rate.

You can see how the AWM stacks up to other weapons by visiting the PUBG weapon stats database.

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