PUBG Combat Tips

Looking for the best PUBG combat tips? We’ve got you covered. Follow the tips listed below and you’ll be ready to pick up your PUBG game in no time. This list of PUBG tips and tricks will grow as more tips are found. If you’d like to contribute to this guide in any way, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

PUBG Combat Tips 1: Equip The Right Guns


This is a tip that I think a lot of people miss out on. It’s easy biggest, most powerful weapons you see and hope that thing will work out for you. Truthfully though, it’s always important to have a weapon that will excel at long range and another one that can win close-ranged fights.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a shotgun and a sniper. You could have a full auto AR for short range and a semi auto AR with a 4x for long range.

As soon as you’ve prepared yourself with a loadout focused on providing support from both long range and close range you’ll already be off to a much better start than most other players. You can see in my PUBG military base guide video above just effective having a combination of long and short ranged weapons can be.

PUBG Combat Tips 2: Prepare Grenades

pubg combat tips grenades

Grenades are actually incredibly powerful in PUBG. Even if you don’t kill somebody with a frag grenade or a molotov, they can still be used to push players out of a position.

One of my favorite PUBG combat tips for using grenades is to throw them at trees that have players behind them. A well aimed throw will mean one of three things:

  • They’ll run out of cover to get away from the grenade.
  • They’ll stay still and take considerable damage or will die.
  • They’ll stay still and the grenade blast will knock them out of cover.

PUBG Combat Tips 3: PUBG Recoil Control

pubg combat tips recoil control

One of the biggest complaints I hear about PUBG combat is that the weapons are far too hard to control.

Players seem to struggle massively with the recoil control. Thankfully, if you take a minute to understand the mechanics, you’ll actually notice that the recoil is very easy to control in most situations. Here are a few top tips to keep in mind if you struggle with recoil.

  • Placing a higher zoom scope means you’ll feel more recoil. If you’re struggling with full auto spray, ONLY use 2X as a MAXIMUM for full auto.
  • Full auto should be kept to a maximum of 100 meters. Always switch to a semi-auto firing gun afterward. Firing whilst in full auto can be harder, even if you’re tap firing.
  • If you’re using the SKS, make sure to find a compensator, vertical grip, and cheek pad. This will help recoil massively.
  • The same applies to all other DMRs, although recoil is more prominent on the SKS.
  • The vertical grip only decreases vertical recoil by 15%. This is enough to make a difference but don’t expect to be shooting a laser beam when you have your SMG or AR fully kitted out.
  • If in doubt, always semi auto.

PUBG Combat Tips 4: Prioritize Headshots


Headshots do far more damage than body shots. Body shots do average damage, and shots to the arms and legs do even less damage. Always keep this in mind.

For this reason, you should prioritize headshots. If you can’t, try to aim for the body. The only exception to shooting somebody in the arms and legs is if they have level 3 armor. In this case, arm and leg shots will actually do slightly more damage to a player than shots to level 3 body armor. This same rule doesn’t apply to level 3 helmets.

PUBG Combat Tips 5: Find Level 3 Armor

how to find level 3 armor in military base 3

This isn’t so much a tip on combat, but a tip for preparing for combat. For this reason, I thought it was worth including.

You should always be on the lookout for better meds and level 3 armor. With level 3 armor, you can withstand substantially more damage than players without level 3 armor. You’re put at a massive advantage. More meds also means more opportunity to regain your health after being shot. Below are the damage reduction stats of level 3 armor.

  • Level 1 Armor: 30% DMG Reduction
  • Level 2 Armor: 40% DMG Reduction
  • Level 3 Armor: 55% DMG Reduction

PUBG Combat Tips 6: Don’t Stay Still

how to use the sks in pubg 3

Keeping still is somewhat important when firing your weapons, but staying still completely makes you an easy target.

My advice to all players is to always be moving from side to side, even if you don’t know if there is a player near you or not. Getting in the habit of constantly shuffling back and forth will help you to avoid more shots than any pan could ever deflect.

PUBG Combat Tips 7: Positioning

This is a tip that’s very hard to summarize. I’ll need to create an entirely separate post to better explain this one.

In PUBG, positioning is incredibly important. Your position in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds can change anything. Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re thinking carefully about positioning whilst playing:

  • Are you planning your next available cover as you move through an area? Try to move from tree to tree, or hedge to hedge, even where cover is minimal.
  • Are you thinking about high ground and low ground? When on flat ground, you cannot see people below you. If you’re on an elevated slope, you may see people below you, but you won’t be able to see people above you.
  • Are you safe from other angles if you engage in a firefight? What if somebody from the East or West were to shoot you right now? Would you be safe?


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