PUBG Desert Map Overview – 50 PUBG Miramar Screenshots

Interested in seeing what the new PUBG desert map looks like? Take a look at 50 PUBG Miramar screenshots below. We’ve taken some HD photos of the new map and as you’ll soon see below, it’s absolutely stunning.

PUBG Desert Map Is Massive

The new desert map really is stunning. Here are a few images to showcase it. Here we can see a view of the terrain surrounding one of the larger cities in Miramar.

There’s no denying that this map looks beautiful, no matter where you land.

pubg new map 4

The scenery blows us away.

pubg new map 5

It’s so much more open than Erangel. Nearly everything you can see, you can walk to. (Besides the mountains.)

pubg new map screenshots 1

Even the mountains in the distance look stunning.

battlegrounds miramar 5

PUBG Miramar Map City Screenshots

We are big fans of the open areas in Miramar, but we have to give a bit of love to the cities too.

battlegrounds new map 2

There’s a dusty, industrialized theme present throughout Miramar.

pubg miramar locations 3

From the slums to the city centers, everything has been expertly created from the ground up.

PUBG Corp. has also thought hard about incorporating vaulting into Miramar and its new buildings.

pubg miramar locations 2

Everything is placed perfectly from a gameplay perspective, too.

pubg december update 5

Miramar Screenshots – New PUBG Vehicles

With the new PUBG map, comes a number of new vehicles and reskins of old vehicles. Here’s a look.

pubg new vehicles 1

The new van is a tank. It’s slow, but sturdy.

pubg new vehicles 2

We’re big fans of the new off-road ready pickup too.

pubg new vehicles 3

There are various different reskins and remodels for each new vehicle.

pubg new vehicles 4

The interiors are beautiful.

pubg new vehicles 6

More PUBG Miramar Screenshots

We just can’t quite get over the beauty found within the new map.

pubg new vehicles 5

This new PUBG desert map makes us want an open world persistent life mod for PUBG.

pubg new map 2

It’s hard to cover every last inch, but it’s clear a lot of love and care has gone into building Miramar.

pubg new map 1

There’s lots of potential for long-ranged sniper battles.

pubg miramar screenshots 5

I mean, it’s just stunning, isn’t it?

pubg miramar screenshots 4

PUBG Miramar’s Very Industrial Setting

Here are a series of screenshots that show off the industrial buildings you’ll frequently come across.

pubg miramar screenshots 1

Here’s the new prison, which also serves as the map’s starting area.

pubg miramar screenshots 2

The industrial, worn-down buildings create some great opportunities for combat.

pubg miramar locations 5

The detail here makes us want to know more about Miramar’s backstory.

pubg desert map 4

It should be noted: All of these buildings can be entered and already have loot in.

pubg desert map 5

More Beautiful PUBG Desert Map Screenshots

Still want to see more? Well, here you go!

pubg miramar locations 4

Even the barren areas are built with thought and care.

pubg desert map 3

Here’s a view of the outskirts of an industrial area.

pubg desert map 2

Even the concrete on the prison outdoor area is worn down and rustic.

pubg desert map 1

The roads are often scattered with small buildings and settlements like this.

pubg december update 6

The New PUBG Desert Map Graphics Are Amazing

What’s surprising about the new map is the level of detail on every last road, building, and hill.

pubg december update 4

Small touches like this graffiti gives Miramar a lifelike history.

pubg december update 3

Even after dozens of hours, we still haven’t explored it all.

pubg december update 2

You’ll constantly find new areas and new buildings to explore in Miramar.

battlegrounds new map 5

And you’re constantly left impressed by the detail of all of these new areas and buildings.

battlegrounds new map 4

The PUBG Desert Map Is Coming To Live Servers on December 20

Miramar is already available on the PC test server, but it will come to live servers on December 20.

battlegrounds new map 3

Weapons like the Kar98K and the SKS will be even more important when Miramar finally launches.

battlegrounds new map 1

Players are more spread out, but you’ll often come into firefights every 2-3 minutes.

battlegrounds miramar 4

There’s plenty of action to be had, even in barren areas like this.

battlegrounds miramar 3

Here’s another small settlement.

battlegrounds miramar 2

Make Sure You’re Ready For Long-Ranged Battles

Get out there and find those 8x scopes because they’ll be very handy on Miramar.

battlegrounds desert map screenshots 5

This vehicle in the distance is being driven by another player.

battlegrounds miramar 1

Everything in this image can be visited.

battlegrounds desert map screenshots 4

The new weapons work well on Miramar too.

battlegrounds desert map screenshots 3

Just make sure you still have close-ranged weapons for when you enter towns like these.

pubg new map 3

The Interiors For Miramar’s Buildings Are Also Stunning

Check out some of the detail that’s been put into the buildings in the new PUBG desert map.

battlegrounds desert map screenshots 2

There’s a lot of potential for some scary close-quarter battles in these corridors.

battlegrounds desert map screenshots 1

It’s sickeningly confusing to begin with, but you soon get used to the multi-room, multi-floor buildings.

pubg new map screenshots 3

Objects have been smartly placed in the bigger buildings so that players have cover.

pubg m416 guide how to use the m416 pubg

It never gets old.

pubg ump guide stats


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