Can PUBG Be Family Shared?

On Steam, family share allows users to share their games with their friends and family. It’s a unique feature that can make it easier to test games without buying. Not all games support the feature. Can PUBG be family shared? Let’s find out.

In this article, I’ll explain all there is to know about family sharing with PUBG and also share some options on how you can potentially play the game with friends.

Why Did PUBG Family Sharing Get Removed?

Unfortunately, PUBG cannot be family shared. The Steam feature used to be available for PUBG, but the developers have since removed the feature.

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PUBG Corp. revealed that there were a number of exploits that cheaters were using that involved PUBG family sharing and it was making it harder for the development team to spot and ban cheaters.

As a result, PUBG family sharing has been removed and players can no longer share their version of the game with other Steam accounts. It’s likely that family sharing for PUBG won’t be added to Steam in the future.

With family sharing removed, there are little options left for playing PUBG with your friends on a single machine.

Can PUBG Be Split Screen On Xbox Or PC?

PUBG cannot be played split screen on either the Xbox or PC by default. There are some potential workarounds for getting two copies of PUBG to work on a single machine, but you would need two Steam accounts, two copies of PUBG, and a very powerful gaming PC. If you’re on Xbox, you won’t be able to use this workaround.

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PUBG is very RAM-hungry, so you’ll need one or two sticks of 16GB RAM to be able to play PUBG split screen on your PC. You’ll also need a video card with a lot of graphics memory. We’d suggest an 8GB GTX 1080.

If you have enough RAM and a good enough video card, the next step will be to purchase and download ASTER. This is software for Windows that can create two versions of your PC and run them simultaneously. To run two copies of PUBG on one PC, you’ll need two monitors and two control inputs. (A controller and a keyboard/mouse, or 2 controllers, or 2 keyboards/mouse.)

Because there are already guides available online on how to get Aster running successfully, I won’t explain how it works here. I’d suggest watching the video below instead.


Thanks for reading this article. I hope that the information provided above has proven to be useful. If PUBG Corp. ever change their stance on family sharing, I’ll update this article so that any new information is provided right here. I’ll also make an announcement on Twitter, so you may want to follow me to keep up to date.

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