PUBG Kar98K Guide – Best Strategies and Comparisons

Become a Battlegrounds master by reading through our PUBG Kar98K guide. Find details about damage, fire rate, bullet velocity. Learn new strategies for using the weapon and much more.

Ever wondered how much damage the Kar does? Want to know how to use it more efficiently and at different ranges? These questions and more will be answered below.

PUBG Kar98K Guide: Stats, Pros and Cons

Whilst the weakest of the three Erangel snipers, it still holds out as a great choice due to how easy it is to find in comparison to the AWM and M24.


•  Fairly easy to find
• Decent iron sights in comparison to other snipers

• Difficult to use in close quarters
• Relatively low damage in comparison to other snipers


  • Damage: 75
  • Damage/second: 48.54
  • Zero-Range: 100-600 meters
  • Ammo: 5
  • Fire modes: Semi
  • Fire rate rating: 1/5
  • Spread rating: 5/5
  • Recoil rating: 5/5
  • Bullet Velocity: 4/5

How To Use The Kar98K In Close Quarters

It’s not advisable to use the Kar98K in close quarter situations. Unlike other snipers, which can be very high-risk, high-reward, the Kar98K’s lower damage in the sniper class means you’re punished even more if you can’t hit a headshot. With that being said, here are some tips for close quarter combat with the Kar98K.



To prepare yourself for close quarter combat with the Kar98K, consider using lower ranged scopes. The 4x is reasonable, but in areas with less than 100 meters between you and your opponent, a red dot does wonders. We’d suggest never using the 8x in close quarter scenarios. If you have an 8x equipped, take the time to switch to lower magnification scopes before engaging close quarter fights.

It’s also worth waiting till your entire 5 rounds are emptied before reloading. The reload speed for the Kar98K is faster when you’re completely out of rounds. Alternatively, you can load in one bullet at a time and fire each time you load a new bullet.

Keep in mind that you can headshot level 2 helmets but not level 3 helmets.


How To Use The Kar98K At Long Distances

Because the Kar98K has less bullet velocity than the AWM, you need to consider that when leading your shots. In other words, shooting running players will require you to give more space between your crosshair and the player because the shot travel time is considerably longer than the AWM and slightly longer than the M24.

This lower bullet velocity also effects the bullet drop of the Kar98K. For this reason, it’s well worth using the zeroing feature or at least working with the map to understand how far a player is from your location.

Later in the game, try to avoid hitting players unless you’re confident you can headshot them and only if they have a level 2 helmet or lower. This way, you can make sure that you don’t reveal your position without any real benefit.

Summary: How To Use The Kar98K In PUBG

Hopefully this PUBG Kar98K guide will help you! You can find more detailed weapons stats here.

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