10 PUBG Logo Styles You Can Download

Looking for the PUBG logo to download so that you can use it on your own merch or use it in pictures? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have listed the 10 best logo styles we’ve found online.

We’ll start with the official logo and after that we’ll offer some variations that have appeared on the internet. Please note that these logos do not belong to us. They belong to other companies such as Bluehole or PUBG Corp.

Official PUBG Logo

This first logo style is the one that is often seen on the cover art for the game and the in-game splash screen. It’s the one style that’s seen used in marketing material the most.

pubg logo style one

PUBG Black Logo

There are a few variants of this next logo. All of them have been used in official marketing material, so we’re not sure which one is the original version. The logo below is the black version.

pubg logo black

PUBG White Variant

This is a transparent white logo. You won’t be able to see it on this page, but if you right click to view it in a new tab, you’ll be able to see it more clearly. It’s essentially a white version of the logo shown above.

pubg white

PUBG Orange Variant

This next version is the orange variant of the two designs showcased above.

pubg orange

Squared Orange Variant

Next, we have a version of the PUBG logo that’s similar to the logos above, but the overall design is squared off.

pubg orange square


PUBG Corp.

pubg corporation

This is the design that PUBG Corp. adopted after the company split off from the main Bluehole division.

Gamescom Logo

This next logo design is used by Gamescom for the PUBG Invitational. Whilst it hasn’t been used for marketing material directly for marketing PUBG as a game, it is used in esports tournaments.

Old Splash Screen

old splash screen

This next design was seen on the splash screen when you first loaded up into the game. This was used back before PUBG Corp. was created.

New Splash Screen

new splash screen

The design shown above is what is now used on the splash screen. It was first introduced after PUBG Corp. was founded.

Our Logo

The final design to include on this list is our very own logo. You can see this on our website, our app, and any other content that has been created by us. If you see this logo around the internet, chances are that the content you’re looking from originated from us.

As you can see, this logo showcases a Chicken wearing a level 3 helmet. It pokes fun at the whole ‘chicken dinner’ message that gets shown when you win a game in PUBG. It has gone through a few iterations, but this is now the main version used for all of our content provided to our fans online.


Thanks for taking the time to look through our PUBG logo collection. Do any of these logos stand out to you? Let us know your thoughts! Once you’ve added a comment, why not check out our forum here?¬†After that, feel free to give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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