Which PUBG Map is Bigger? – Erangel Or Miramar?

If you’ve ever wondered which PUBG map is bigger, read on. We’ve got some images that showcase the surprising size difference between Miramar and Erangel.

If you’ve ever played Miramar and found that it feels like the map is bigger, it turns out you’re right. Miramar is in fact larger than Erangel.

What’s surprising though is just how much larger Miramar is, especially when you consider both maps are rendered within the same sized area.

Which PUBG Map Is Bigger? – Erangel Vs Miramar Tested

The best evidence we have that showcases just how much bigger Miramar is than Erangel is an image created by Reddit user DBrowny. In this image, the square kilometers on the map UI were used as a measurement.

which pubg map is bigger

Each map is based within a 64×64 square kilometer area. However, in the case of Erangel, roughly half of that is water. The total land mass and playable area is just 33.16 square kilometers.

If we take a look at Miramar, on the other hand, the playable land mass is far larger. In total, the play zone takes up 46.33 square kilometers. If you do the maths, you’ll find that Miramar is almost 40% larger than Erangel.

Now that I’ve seen just how much larger Miramar is, it finally makes sense why Miramar sometimes seems so empty. To make up for the additional space, Miramar would need an additional 40 players.

At 140 players, Miramar would feel as lively as Erangel would, especially during the mid-to-late game phases.

Which PUBG Map Is Better?

So, with the size differences in mind, which map is actually better in PUBG?

battlegrounds new map 5

Unsurprisingly, it comes down to personal opinion. It seems like the majority of PUBG players prefer the original map to Miramar. There are some players out there that prefer Miramar, though.

If you prefer open areas and long-distance engagements, you’ll prefer Miramar in most cases. If you prefer more action-packed games that keep you closer to players at all times, you’ll prefer Erangel.

Don’t dismiss Miramar as a bad map – with some learning it’s just as fun as Erangel, it just requires a slightly different play style to be played effectively.

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