PUBG Military Base Guide | Dominate Sosnovka

In this PUBG military base guide, I’ll explain to you how you can dominate Sosnovka with a number of easy-to-follow steps. This guide is fairly easy to follow, although it’s easier to understand if you watch the video below.

In this guide, I’ll explain to you how you can loot safely in the military base when you first land, take out players with minimal risk, and then make it out alive with tons of meds, ammo, level 3 armor, and gear. If you don’t want to watch the video, you can read the written guide provided below instead.

PUBG Military Base Guide (Video Version)

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 1:

Land on the middle apartment roof

The first step for this guide involves landing at the military base.


We’d always suggest landing at the apartment buildings because the guide is based around these buildings. The best building to land on is the middle one, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Try to look straight down as you travel towards the ground. If you reach 234 km/h whilst in the air, you’ll get a small speed boost when your parachute deploys and this will help you to get to the ground quicker. Next, make sure you land on the building.

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 2:

Pick up a gun if available

For the next step, you must pick up a weapon from the roof you’ve landed on.


Try to be as quick as possible. If you can’t pick up a weapon, just skip to the next step. The weapon you pick up at this point isn’t important, but having a weapon of any kind will help keep you safe from other players whilst you’re looting.

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 3:

Jump off the building and start looting

Next, jump off of the apartment building.


Don’t bother going down the steps. Instead, simply run off of the back and land at the back side of the apartment building, facing away from the apartment complex courtyard.

You can look through the windows of the bottom floor of the apartment building to check for loot. If you see anything worth picking up, you can do a running crouch jump to get inside the room. Pick up the loot and then jump back out. The less time you spend inside the building, the safer you’ll be from getting shot by players you can’t see. Once you’ve looted the first floor of the building you’ve landed on using this tactic, it’s time to move onto the next buildings.

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 4:

Flush out each apartment building safely

You can now go to the next apartment building.


I’d advise going for the one closest to the chain link fence at the edge of the PUBG military base because it’s easier to manage when other players are around. You can go around the back and look through each bottom floor window again. After you’ve done that, you can move inside the building by going in one of the back doors.

To check for other players, simply hold your aim down the corridor of the apartment building on the ground floor. If you don’t see any movement, move upstairs and do the same on the upper floor. By doing this, you’ll have a clear shot of anybody that’s inside the building and you’re not going to get attacked from the back.

The worst thing to do during this step is go through each of the rooms. This leaves you exposed by players standing in the corridors or by players camping in the rooms.

Once you’ve cleared out the second building, it’s time to follow the same information above but for the third and final apartment building.

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 5:

Once all apartment buildings are flushed out, loot a long ranged scope

At this point, most players will have been killed in the apartment area, either by you or by other players.


The next step is to go through the dead players and the rooms in each apartment building to look for a long ranged scope. There’s a high chance you’ll find at least one, especially if you’re the last player standing in the apartment area.

Whilst all other players that landed at the apartment block may now be dead, you should always be on guard. It’s possible that players from other areas of the military base could come over to the apartment area at any time. Always be vigilant whilst looting and always listen out for footsteps so that you can know if somebody enters your building.

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 6:

Make your way to the hill overlooking the military base

Once you have a long ranged scope, the next step is to leave the apartments and head north to the hill that overlooks the military base.


This step is optional, but if you have enough time before the next circle, this step can be a great way to pick up more kills and even more loot. There are a number of trees you can hide behind on top of the hill. You’ll notice that you’ll have a great view of the military base and will also get a good view of anybody that leaves.

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 7:

Leave the military base island with a boat

Once you’re ready to leave, try to avoid going over the bridge.


Instead, go to the beach near the west bridge and look for a boat. There are boat spawns on either side of the bridge, so chances are you’ll be able to find one. If not, you may have to fight your way across the bridge, but your chances of survival are minimised when you take this approach.

PUBG Military Base Guide – Step 8:

Use your loot from this PUBG Military Base Guide to go win the game

You should now have a considerable amount of meds, ammo, and decent gear.


You can use this gear to win the game. Good luck out there!


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