Which PUBG Server Is The Easiest? – All Regions Tested

A question we often get asked about is which PUBG server is the easiest? I wanted to find a solution and share it with you so that you can get into less stressful games when you next play.

From my findings, I’ve discovered a few interesting things that can determine which server is the best one to play on.

Read through the information I’ve provided below to find out exactly which PUBG server is easier.

Which PUBG Server Has The Worst Players?

Whilst many people may complain that NA, EU, or Asia might have more challenging players than other servers, from my exeperience this isn’t the case at all. In fact, it seems more likely that the skill level between servers is fairly balanced.

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There does, however, seem to be a skill gap between players that are higher on the leaderboards. PUBG also seems to create lobbies that include players with similar leaderboard rankings.

Because the leaderboard rankings are unique to each region, this means that if you play well on one server, the players you fight up against will be more challenging. If you play on another region, they won’t be so difficult to fight.

If you’re looking for the PUBG server with the worst players, you should play on any server that you haven’t yet played on. Choose the region closest to you for the best performance. By choosing a region you’ve not yet played on, you’ll go up against other players with neutral or no rankings on that region’s leaderboard.

Watch out, though! The more you play on the region you’ve picked out, the harder it will become, especially if you perform well. If things start to get challenging again, you can always switch to another region.

This region change option not only allows you to find easier opponents, but it gives you the opportunity to pick a specific server that you can compete on the leaderboards for. You can use the other servers for practice and for less serious games.

So, in summary, all servers have difficulty related to your leaderboard ranking for that server. Any server you haven’t yet played on will be the easiest.

Which PUBG Server Has The Most Hackers?

There’s only one reason why one particular server may be more challenging than another, and that’s due to hackers.

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Unfortunately, the PUBG hacking problem has become quite severe recently, and you’ll find hackers on all servers. It seems that the most popular server for cheaters is the Asia server. There seems to be a large population of cheaters based in China.

I’d suggest avoiding the Asia servers. Just keep in mind that it’s not just Chinese players that cheat – players from all regions cheat, so don’t expect to be safe from hacks if you play on NA or EU.


To round this post up, I’ve summarized all of the points made so far.

  • All servers are equal in difficulty.
  • As you do well on a particular region, players will become more skilled.
  • You can switch to a region you haven’t played on to make things easier.
  • Watch out for hackers, especially on the Asia server.


What are your thoughts on this information? Does your personal experience reflect these findings? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or by heading to the forums.



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