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Video For The PUBG Tips and Tricks Listed In This Guide


#1 – Use Crouch Jump To Climb Objects

You can find out how to use the crouch jump technique by reading our guide on how to jump through windows or by watching the video below.


#2 – You Can Jump On Buildings In Pochinki

You can absolutely dominate any fight in Pachinki by learning how to jump on top of the buildings in the center of the city. We’ll be creating a video guide on how to do this at a later point. For now, check out our PUBG tips and tricks compilation video below.



#3 – You Can Hide Inside The Three-Story Roof

You can use this unique hiding spot to give yourself some breathing room before fights or use it as a nasty ambush spot. Keep your eyes peeled for our PUBG hiding spots guide later this month.

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#4 – Perfecting The Med Countdown Timer

As soon as you have 0.5 seconds left on a med countdown timer, you can start moving and the med will still take effect. This is one of those Battlegrounds tips that sounds stupid but will save you in so many circumstances.

Check out our guide on how to outrun the circle with bandages here. It’ll explain this tip in more detail. Alternatively, watch our challenge video below to see this tip in action.


#5 – Crouch Jump Through Windows

Check out our video guide in tip 1 to learn about how you can jump through windows. This guide also shows off which windows you can and can’t jump through.

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#6 – Use Third Person To Your Advantage

Not many people realize how effective third person camera angles can be. We’ll be covering this in a separate guide later.

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#7 – Use Smaller Weapons For More Speed

Did you know that the weapon you have equipped can effect the speed at which you run?

Having your fists out will make you run the fastest, but you can keep your guard up and maintain a good running speed by equipping an SMG or a pistol.



#8 – Stop UI Lag By Turning Off UI 3D Model

As soon as you turn off the UI character model, inventory lag will be eradicated. This is one of the few Battlegrounds tips that doesn’t take any skill, but it will still improve your game massively.

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#9 – Spam Space Bar To Climb Hills Faster

It sounds stupid, but you should give it a try. It’s surprisingly effective.

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#10 – Don’t Spam Space Bar When Getting Shot

I see this happen far too often and it gets people killed. The only time pressing jump can make you faster is when you’re using it to slide up hills. In every other instance, jumping will actually slow you down and make you a larger target.

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#11 – Dodge Left/Right To Avoid Being Shot

If you’re being shot at, simply darting from left to right as you run for cover can make it more difficult for other players to get a clean shot on you.

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#12 – Never Stay Still

This is one of the most obvious tips on this list, but many players forget to do it.

The more often you stay still or run in a straight line, the easier you’ll make it for other players to hit you. Try to keep moving and randomize your movements at all times to avoid being sniped from a distance.



#13 – Drop Meds or Ammo For More Space

We’ve all been in this situation before. We are off to pick up loot from a player we’ve killed, but we struggle to make enough room for their items.

Quick PUBG tip: drop excess bandages and even first aid kits. You can also drop excess ammo. There’s no need to carry more than 5 or 6 first aid kits unless you need to run a long distance to the next safe circle.

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#14 – Turn Your Sound Up

We’ve got a guide coming soon that will show you how powerful sound is in this game. Players without sound lose. Players with sound win. Simple as that. If you can’t hear other player’s footsteps, you’re doing it wrong.

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#15 – Recoil For Full Auto Is Easy

Recoil is a thing in this game, but it’s easy to conquer. Our advice would be to only use full auto at long distances on the Scar or M416 with red dot or holo sight optics. If you use optics with greater zoom, it instantly becomes harder to control your recoil.

sniper scope


#16 – Always Switch Your Weapons

With space for two primary weapons, you’re given a lot of flexibility. You should always swap out to your close ranged weapon when coming close to buildings.

When you leave a compound, you can swap to equip your long ranged weapon again. Don’t be caught with your pants down and always swap out for the weapon most suited for the environment you’re in.

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#17 – Use Elevation For Cover

Elevation is very important in PUBG. We’ll be creating a video soon to showcase how you can use elevation to your advantage. Once it’s created, we’ll add a link here.

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#18 – Always Pick Up a Pan

Pans deflect bullets. If they’re on your back, they’ll protect you from any stray bullets that hit your lower body. Pans save lives. Pick up a pan today.

pan shot


#19 – Swap To Your AR After a Sniper Shot

If you hit somebody with a sniper but don’t kill them, switch to your secondary weapon to finish off the kill.

This will save time and you’ll often only need one or two AR hits to take down an enemy at this point.

shotgun sniper


#20 – How To Track Players Underwater

If a player has gone underwater to avoid detection, the best way to keep track of them is by going underwater yourself. You’ll instantly be able to see where they are swimming.



#21 – Stop Cars Outside The Next Circle

From time to time, you may need to use a car to get into the next circle.

Avoid detection by stopping the car before entering the circle and then enter the circle on foot. This will make it harder for anybody camping the next circle to set up an ambush against you.

running from circle


#22 – Always Find Cover Before Medding

Use a tree, hide behind a rock, or lie down behind a hill before you take meds. If you stop and stay still in the open to try and heal, you’ll most likely get killed.

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#23 – Pay Attention To Where People Land

Always watch out for where people are landing. Whilst people will move when they hit the ground, knowing the general direction of other players will help you to stay safe whilst looting your first few items.


#24 – Bait Players With Gun Shots

When things get quiet, you can bait players by shooting your gun.

This will get their attention and nearby players should hopefully come running. You can see how effective this is, as well as other PUBG tips and tricks, in our expert Pochinki guide below. The written version can be found here.

#25 – How To Master High-Risk Areas

Going to high-risk areas are difficult because the things that happen there when you first land are so unpredictable.

Improve your chance of winning by trying out different routes and sticking to a route you know best. You can check out our military base guide that explains this concept and provides even more information by watching the video below.

#26 – Use a Boat to Cross Islands

In PUBG, it’s quite common to see the circle end on the small military base island.

This can be troubling if you start on the main island because it means you’ll have to cross over the bridge. The bridges in PUBG are heavily camped and difficult to cross safely. Your safest bet is to avoid the bridges and find a boat to cross with.



#27 – Turn Off The Plane Sounds

Give your ears a break by temporarily muting the master volume to mute parachute and airplane sounds with Ctrl + M. Make sure to press it again as you land! You can also do the same with Ctrl + T to mute voice chat.

plane drop


#28 – Find Out If You Can Run PUBG

Not so much a PUBG tip, but if you don’t know whether your PC is able to run PUBG or not, you can use this guide to find out.

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#29 – Equip The Right Grenades

Whilst you may have a number of grenades in your inventory, only the one in your grenade slot at the bottom right of your UI screen will be the grenade to be thrown.

Make sure to switch to the grenade you’d like to use before rushing into combat.

grenade throwing


#30 – Lie Down In The Fog

This one is useful for when the game is foggy.

If you’re being chased or want to hide, you can lie down and players will find it very difficult to find you.

foggy end


#31 – Use a Controller for Parachuting

It sounds crazy, but using a controller makes it far easier to control your parachute as you land.



#32 – Use a Mouse for Everything Else

If you aren’t using a mouse already, you should switch over! The mouse and keyboard is far more accurate than the controller.

If you’re used to playing with a controller, it will take some time to get used to, but the switch will totally be worth it in the end.

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#33 – Med Quicker With Keybinds

Did you know that you can use the number keys on your keyboard to med. 7, 8, 9, and 0 all correspond to different meds.

Using these means you can med up without touching your UI. This saves time and gives you an opportunity to heal without being distracted by the character menu.

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#34 – You Can Control Vehicles In Mid Air

Using Space and Ctrl can make vehicles, especially bikes, tip forward and backwards in the air.

Skillful players can pull off backflips with these controls, but you can also use them to balance yourself out in the air. If you’re struggling to land safely whilst driving a vehicle, make sure to stop accelerating just before you hit the ground.

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#35 – Aim For Center of Mass

This one is for the recent ballistics change.

Always try to aim for the center of mass. The further your bullets are from the player’s chest, the less damage they’ll do. Headshots do the most damage, but chest shots are also very powerful when using most weapons.

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#36 – Disable Dead Friend Icons

If UI elements, such as the icons for your dead friends is getting in the way, you can disable them by pressing Ctrl + U. Use this keybind at any time to toggle the UI back on again.


#37 – Learn About Parkour

Whether it’s via the old-fashioned crouch jump or with the new vaulting feature, parkour is definitely possible in PUBG.

Take a look at the video below to see how you can use parkour to climb buildings and setup powerful sniping positions.

#38 – Use Vaulting To Speed Up Looting

We’ve created a guide for vaulting in the video below. It essentially covers what vaulting is good for.

The main benefit for using vaulting is actually to speed up loot time by jumping in and out of windows instead of going through doors and up & down stairs.

#39 – Stay Hidden In Fog Games

The best thing you can do in fog games is stay hidden and only shoot when you need to. This is especially important for the last few minutes of the match. Unless you’ve got a silencer, shooting at the end of a fog game will give your position away massively.

more fog


#40 – Stick To Your Guns

Most of the guns in PUBG are balanced well, with the exception of the weapons fund in the airdrop crates. If you like to use a specific AR, stick to it. The slight changes to spread and recoil that a different AR may have may throw you off.

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#41 – Test All Of The Guns

In contrary to the tip listed above, make sure you do give all of the weapons a good try before deciding on favorite weapons. You may find that one particular weapon is far better in your hands than any other, even if other people hate it.

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#42 – Don’t Be Afraid

Sometimes, you just need to go out there guns blazing. It’s good to be cautious of other players, but if you play too safe you’ll not get the most fun out of PUBG.

You’re either going to die or you’re going to win, so make the most out of it by challenging yourself to face up against nearby players.

how to use the s1897 in pubg


#43 – Understanding The Accuracy Types

There are three types of accuracy in PUBG. The first is hipfire – this is where you shoot without aiming at all.

The second is zoomed-in hipfire – this is when you hold the mouse down. The third is fully zoomed – this is when you click the mouse to look down your sight.

The fully zoomed option is by far the most accurate, but make sure to use zoomed-in hipfire when you don’t have the time to zoom in to get a small accuracy boost.

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#44 – In First Person Servers, Zoom In

Make sure to hold your right button down in first person games to get the ‘zoomed-in’ hipfire accuracy. You won’t see the zoomed-in animation because you’ll be in first person, but your crosshair will go smaller to signify that your accuracy has increased.

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#45 – Understand Accuracy Whilst Standing/Crouching

Every weapon in PUBG has its own accuracy stat. Each gun also gets a modifier to this stat depending on whether you’re standing, crouching, or prone. Being prone will reduce recoil and spread the most, whilst standing has the most negative effect on accuracy.

If you have a short-ranged weapon like an SMG or shotgun and need to hit a player from far away, you can crouch or lie down to get better spread accuracy.


#46 – Don’t Instantly Kill Downed Players

If you’re playing team mode or duo mode, the flow of combat changes when you down a player.

The enemy team will be trying to scramble to get their teammate back up, so you can use this to your advantage. Focus on taking down the other remaining players before shooting to kill the downed player. The only exception to this is explained in tip number 48.

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#47 – Watch The Player’s Movement

If you down a player but don’t know where the remaining members of his team are, pay attention to the direction they crawl in when they get knocked down.

Most downed players will panic and try to crawl towards the direction of their teammates. You can use this to your advantage to gauge where the other enemies in the area are.



#48 – When To Kill A Downed Player

To expand on the information about downed players listed above, if you see a player about to crawl out of view, you should then turn your attention to that player and shoot them down. If they get out of view, they’ll most likely be revived.



#49 – Incoming Vehicle? Stay Still

If you see a vehicle driving towards you and you’re in an open field, don’t start running straight away.

Instead, wait till the vehicle gets a little closer, and then dodge to the left or the right. Doing this will give the driver less time to react to your movements and they’ll have a tighter turning circle to make to try and hit you.



#50 – Practice on Other Regions

If you care about your leaderboard ranking, but want to try something different, you can try different regions or game modes. This way, if you die straight away, it won’t effect your leaderboard ranking because each leaderboard is separated by region and game mode.

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More PUBG Tips and Tricks

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