PUBG UMP Guide – How To Use The UMP9 In PUBG

Want to learn how to use the UMP9 in PUBG? In this PUBG UMP guide, we take a look at the weapon’s stats, its pros & cons, and how to use it most effectively in battle.

Before we get started, let’s first look at an overview of the UMP. We’ll share some pros and cons for the weapon and explain its stats.

PUBG UMP Guide: Stats, Pros and Cons

The UMP9 is one of the most versatile SMGs. Whilst it’s great for close-ranged combat, it’s reasonable accuracy makes it a good choice for mid-range fights. 

• Has a reasonable fire rate and effective range up to 300 meters
• With 30 rounds by default, it has a lot of fire power per reload

• It falls off at further distances
• It has a far slower fire rate than both the Uzi and the Vector


  • Damage: 35
  • Bullet Speed: 400
  • Zero-Range: 100-300 meters
  • Ammo: 30-40
  • Fire modes: Auto, Semi, Burst
  • Fire rate rating: 3/5
  • Spread rating: 3/5
  • Recoil rating: 4/5

How To Use The UMP9 In Close Ranged Fights

As you can imagine, with the UMP9 being an SMG, it’s best used in close ranged fights.

pubg ump guide how to use the ump9 in long range

However, because of its lower fire rate in comparison to other SMGs, you should try to retain more distance between your enemies when firing. On the flip side, the UMP has better accuracy than the other SMGs, making it a surefire choice for slightly further distances.

If you want to use the UMP in PUBG effectively, make sure to keep your distance at about 10 meters – any closer, and you’ll have less chance to win against enemies that may have shotguns or faster firing SMGs.

Always keep the UMP on full auto at close range.

How To Use The UMP At Long Range

At long range, things are more difficult. The UMP effectively has a range up to 300 meters, but at this distance, damage falls off and you’ll have difficulty hitting targets. We’d suggest using the UMP up to 100 meters. Any further, and the UMP starts being ineffective.

Make sure you switch out to semi-automatic when using the UMP at long range in PUBG. We wouldn’t advise using a UMP as your only long-ranged weapon – you should have something like an assault rifle or a sniper as a backup.

Summary: How To Use The UMP9 In PUBG

In summary, the UMP in PUBG is one of the most versatile weapons – it falls off at longer distances, but it still has a relatively decent effective range. The UMP also does very well at close range, but we’d advise keeping your distance when fighting up against those with other SMGS or shotguns.

Essentially, the UMP9 fills an important role as a close-to-mid-range weapon. Understand the limits it has, and you’ll be able to use it effectively.

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