PUBG Vaulting Update Video – Here’s How Vaulting Changes The Game

With the launch of the latest PUBG test server, I wanted to create a PUBG vaulting update video that showcased how the new update changes Battlegrounds as we know it.

Before I delve into how the new PUBG vaulting impacts gameplay, I first wanted to say that the latest update has done some amazing things to improve the overall gameplay experience by introducing a few much-needed quality of life changes. These changes include an improved first person FOV, new vehicle sounds, adjustable 8x scopes, better weapon ballistics, and a new killfeed UI.

Alright, with that out of the way, it’s now time to showcase my PUBG vaulting update video. In this video I’ve explained the three major aspects of gameplay that have changed because of the new vaulting feature. If you don’t have time to watch the video, there’s also a written version provided underneath it.

PUBG Vaulting Update Video – What It Changes First

Surprisingly, the gameplay aspect that was impacted the most by the PUBG vaulting update is in fact looting. 90% of what’s possible with vaulting was already possible before with jumping and crouch jumping, but the new vaulting feature makes all of this mobility more accessible.

pubg vaulting update video 2

It’s now incredibly easy to jump through nearly all windows. Jumping over fences and small walls is also a piece of cake with vaulting.

With the increased freedom that vaulting presents, players can now hop in and out of buildings faster. You no longer have to run up and down stairs as you loot. Instead, you can loot a building, then simply hop out of the nearest building once you’ve done. This small change has helped to speed up the initial looting stage of the game massively. Looting is not as much of a chore as it once was.

PUBG Vaulting Update Video – How It Impacts PVP

In the PUBG vaulting update video I explain how the new vaulting has an impact on PVP. Whilst the impact it has isn’t massive, there are three key elements to vaulting that will change how interactions with other players will play out.

pubg vaulting update video 3

I’ve provided a short bullet point list below that explains the different way vaulting improves PVP.

  • With vaulting, it’s now possible to get into certain areas that you couldn’t get to before, such as on top of some buildings. (You can see the PUBG vaulting update video above for an example.)
  • Vaulting makes it easier to breach a building that is being camped. Multiple entrances via windows make sure that you’re not forced to go through a single entrance.
  • Likewise, vaulting now makes it easier to escape a building if you’re rushed by players. If you’re in a building, there are more opportunities to jump off of the top floor when somebody is charging up the stairs at you.

An Important Quality of Life Improvement

Overall, the new PUBG vaulting update is an important quality of live improvement that makes mobility in PUBG smoother and more accessible for the entire playerbase. It’s an important step in the right direction and a much-needed feature for the upcoming Xbox One launch.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my article. You can catch up with me on social media via FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. You can read more about the latest test server update on the official PUBG blog here. If you’re new to Battlegrounds, make sure to check our guide on the latest PUBG tips and tricks.