PUBG Vector Guide – Damage Stats & Strategies To Keep In Mind

Want to learn how to use the Vector in PUBG? In this PUBG Vector guide, I’ve provided some information on the weapon stats, the pros & cons of using the weapon, and how best to use it in different scenarios.

Before delving into the stats, let’s first look at an overview of the Vector. I’ve provided some pros and cons below. After that, you can look at the stats.

PUBG Vector Guide: Stats, Pros and Cons

The Vector has an incredible high fire rate and great stability. The major downside is its limited ammo capacity.


• Highest damage per second of all SMGs
•  Very stable when all supported attachments added

• Not great range, even for an SMG
• The vector base ammo is just 13 rounds per magazine


  • Damage: 33
  • Damage/second: 435.53
  • Zero-Range: 50 meters
  • Ammo: 13-25
  • Fire modes: Auto, Semi, Burst
  • Fire rate rating: 5/5
  • Spread rating: 3/5
  • Recoil rating: 3/5
  • Bullet Velocity: 1.5/5

How To Use The Vector In Close Ranged Fights

With such a high damage per second, the Vector absolutely dominates in close ranged fights. Here are a few tips to consider whilst fighting in close quarters.


The Vector has the highest fire rate out of all SMGs, which means it’s a perfect option for going up against pretty much anybody in close quarters. The only weapons you need to be careful of are shotguns, especially the S12K. Regardless of whether you have the extended mag or not, it’s very important to hit as many shots as possible with the Vector. Use that additional fire speed to get more hits into other players than they can shoot into you.

The Vector falls off massively at longer ranges. With a bullet velocity score of just 1.5/5, you will really notice the damage dropoff and spread at distances further than 100 meters. For best results keep the Vector at close range and always have it on full auto.

How To Use The Vector At Long Range

We really wouldn’t recommend using the Vector at long range. The damage drop off is too high to make it a viable option. If, for some reason, you absolutely have to fire the Vector at more than 50 meters, switch to semi fire and use a 2x or 4x. Once again, it can’t be stated enough – avoid using this weapon at long range at all costs.

Summary: How To Use The Vector In PUBG

To summarize this guide, make sure to use the Vector in close quarters. This is where the weapon excels thanks to it’s insane fire rate and damage per second. Further than 50 meters the weapon quickly becomes useless.

Truthfully, the Vector shows itself as a very powerful close ranged weapon and it doesn’t do much else well. There’s only really one thing left to say – If you’re a fan of going in on other players, you’ll adore the Vector.

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