PUBG VSS Guide – Master The Soviet Silenced Sniper

Learn how to be a true Russian hitman on the streets of Erangel with this powerful PUBG VSS guide. In this post, we’ll explain to you how you can use the VSS more effectively to take down players silently.

Whilst many players consider the VSS a trash weapon, there are many elements about it that make it a surprisingly powerful choice for various situations.

PUBG VSS Guide: How To Use The Weapon Properly

The VSS has a terrible bullet velocity, which means it’s only viable in close quarter scenarios. Use it correctly, and you’ll be rewarded greatly.


•  Built in silencer
•  Fairly high damage per second

• Terrible at long range due to huge bullet drop and travel time
• 10 round magazine makes it high risk, high reward.


  • Damage: 40
  • Damage/second: 390.63
  • Zero-Range: 100 meters
  • Ammo: 10-20
  • Fire modes: Semi, Full Auto
  • Fire rate rating: 4/5
  • Spread rating: 5/5
  • Recoil rating: 4/5
  • Bullet Velocity: 1.5/5

How To Use The VSS In Close Quarters

Close quarter scenarios is where the VSS does best. Whilst it sits in the DMR class alongside weapons like the MK14 and Mini-14, we think it’s better compared as an SMG. Using the weapon as a close quarter secondary is the only way you’ll succeed with the VSS.

pubg vss

The key to being able to kill players with the VSS is understanding two things. Firstly, the VSS has faster damage per second than all SMGs besides the Vector. This means it trades out well in very close quarter scenarios against players with SMGs. The VSS even does more damage per second than the M416 and the Scar.

The second thing to keep in mind about the VSS is that it has virtually no spread and little recoil. The bullet drop is difficult to master past 200 meters, but any closer than that, and the VSS works as a powerful full auto weapon that beats every SMG in range.

To effectively use the VSS, always have it on full auto and always use it within 200 meters.

How To Use The VSS At Longer Distances

The VSS can be used at longer distances if you absolutely need to. Thankfully, the weapon has a built in silencer, so you’re able to test the bullet drop without catching attention from other players. We’d suggest shooting in bursts of 3-4 bullets when shooting past 200 meters.

PUBG VSS Guide Summary

I’ve rounded up all of the tips in this guide below:

  • The VSS is only viable once you have the extended mag.
  • At closer than 100 meters, use it like an SMG. 
  • At 100-200 meters, don’t forget the increased bullet drop
  • It’s a bad idea to use the VSS past 200 meters.

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