PUBG Win94 Guide – Top Tips, Stats, And More

In this PUBG Win94 guide, we’ll take a look at how you can master one of the newest weapons in the game. Use this guide to learn how to use the Winchester 94 in the most optimum way and check out its stats.

This page includes information on how much damage the Winchester does, how fast it fires, and also how to use it most effectively.

PUBG Win94 Guide: Stats, Pros and Cons

The Winchester 94 holds a niche spot in the hearts of a small collection of players. Without any slots for optics, it’s limited. It, does, however, provide an impressive amount of damage considering how common it is on Miramar.


•  Very common
• High damage, less than the kar, but far faster fire rate

• Iron sights only
• Low damage in comparison to other snipers


  • Damage: 66
  • Damage/second: 108.9
  • Zero-Range: 100-600 meters
  • Ammo: 8
  • Fire modes: Semi
  • Fire rate rating: 4/5
  • Spread rating: 5/5
  • Recoil rating: 5/5
  • Bullet Velocity: 4/5

How To Use The Win94 In Close Quarters

Close quarters is where the Winchester 94 excels. When players are closer, you’re able to use the iron sights to the best capabilities. In this section we’ll provide some tips for using the Win94 more effectively at closer distances.

pubg miramar screenshots 1


If you’re roughly 50 to 100 meters, your best bet is to aim for the body when another player is moving – you’re given eight shots and the fire rate is far higher than any other sniper. All it’ll take is a 3-4 body shots to take down a player. If you can predict player’s movement pattern, they’re moving slowly, or they’re stood still, try aiming for that juicy headshot.

If things get really close, consider that at 66 damage, the Winchester can back up as a shotgun. It sounds crazy but the fire rate and damage matches most of the shotguns at 10-25 meters.

At this distance you can comfortably aim in third person and aim for the chest.


Best Way To Use The Win94 At Longer Distances

The Win94 becomes harder to use at longer distances. When you consider that this sniper can’t use any optics, the effectiveness of this weapon is hampered by your ability to use the iron sights effectively.

Thankfully, the iron sights on the Win94 aren’t terrible. You’ll need the best visibility possible, so whether that means getting closer to your display or turning up your graphics settings, do whatever you can to get a clearer view of your iron sights.

At this point, there’s not much else you can do other than practice using the weapon with iron sights. It quickly drops off on usability when there are other weapons with optic slots and faster fire rate or damage.

Summary: How To Use The Win94 In PUBG

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