Will PUBG Be On PS4 In The Future?

A common question that keeps popping up from our readers is – ‘Will PUBG Be On PS4 in the future?’. We’ve taken a look at the question and have found that it’s possible that PUBG will come to PS4 in the future, but we’re not yet sure when.

Question: Will PUBG Be On PS4 In The Future?

It’s already been confirmed that PUBG will come to Xbox One on December 12, 2017. With this in mind, it showcases that PUBG Corp. does have the technology available to bring their game to consoles.

Unfortunately, PUBG Corp. is currently under an exclusivity deal with Microsoft. This means that they’ve signed with the Xbox team to exclusively release PUBG to the Xbox One for a limited time. Before you stop reading though, we do have some good news in regards to whether PUBG will be on PS4 in the future.

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Whilst the length of the exclusivity deal for PUBG is unknown, Bluehole, PUBG Corp’s parent company, is already in talks with other console manufacturers. The specifics weren’t explained, but Chang Byung-gyu – the founder of  Bluehole Inc. mentioned to Bloomberg that he plans to bring PUBG to more consoles in the future.

So to summarize all this, we think that PUBG will come to PS4 in the future, but it may be a few years before this happens. Let’s hope that the community for PUBG isn’t dead by then.

If you can’t wait that long, you may want to pick up an Xbox One. The older Xbox One models are now quite cheap and they still have decent enough hardware to run PUBG fairly smoothly. You can pick up a new Xbox One on Amazon. (Microsoft Xbox One 500GB Console – Black.)

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Once you’ve got PUBG installed, make sure to come back here to read up on all of our top PUBG tips and tricks.