Will PUBG Come to Mac?

Whilst most players are already playing PUBG on PC, I’ve noticed some of you are curious about a Mac release. I’m often asked – Will PUBG come to Mac? The answer to that question is that whilst there hasn’t been an official response, I’m speculating that it won’t happen.

Question: Will PUBG Come to Mac?

With PUBG being the most popular game on Steam by a long shot, it’s surprising to think that the game hasn’t already had a Mac release.

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Unfortunately, the PUBG development team are currently very busy on ironing out the current bugs, fighting against cheaters, and pushing for the 1.0 release before the end of 2017.

Because PUBG Corp. is already caught up in so much right now, they haven’t had the chance to release a PUBG Mac version yet. So that leaves us with one important question – will PUBG come to Mac or are Mac players forced to get a PC or Xbox One?

Answer: PUBG Might Not Come to Mac

We haven’t yet heard anything from an official source, but I’d be surprised if PUBG came to Mac anytime soon. It may be the case that a development team is put together to work on a Mac release, but the current team already has a lot of work to do.

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I don’t think a PUBG Mac release is in development and I’d be surprised if PUBG Corp. has even laid plans down on the table to start developing one yet.

If you want to play PUBG on Mac, I wouldn’t hold your breath. If you’d like an alternative option, you can go and pick up Fortnite Battle Royale for Mac, which is currently available to download for free through the EPIC Games client.

If you do decide that PUBG is the only true battle royale game worth playing, your best bet may be to pick up a cheap Xbox One on Amazon and wait for the PUBG Xbox One release date, which is now set for December 12.

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