Will PUBG Ever Be Optimized? – PUBG’s 1.0 Fix Might Fix Performance

Will PUBG ever be optimized? We’ve taken a look through PUBG Corps’ interaction with the public through interviews and social media to find out!

PUBG has quickly become one of the best selling PC games in history. It has outperformed every other game on the Steam player charts and currently reaches a peak of 2,500,000 concurrent players every single day.

Even though the gameplay and concept for PUBG are great, it has some major flaws that stop it from being even more successful. One of the biggest problems with PUBG is that it’s not very optimized. In fact, many players struggle to play the game smoothly, even on high end gaming PCs. Let’s take a look at when we can expect PUBG to finally be optimized below.

Will PUBG Ever Be Optimized? – A Look At The Upcoming 1.0 Patch

Many players are frustrated that PUBG Corp. isn’t working harder to get optimization sorted in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. In fact, a lot of players scanned through the developer’s latest community update and assumed that update 1.0 will only include vaulting and climbing.

Will PUBG ever be optimized 1
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP2-szQCi9w

However, that’s not true at all. PUBG 1.0 will also include a series of optimization and performance tweaks that the PUBG team have constantly been working on. Below is a direct excerpt from the latest PUBG community update, which can be read here:

“We have been constantly working on optimization and stabilization as well.”

As you can see from the statement above, the PUBG developers are working hard to bring more optimization and performance increases to Battlegrounds. The game is already far more stable than it was when it first launched. By the time update 1.0 hits and the Xbox One version goes live on December 12, performance should be a lot better than before.

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So, to answer all of your questions – Will PUBG ever be optimized? Yes, it will! It may take some time and some optimizations and fixes might not come until a patch after 1.0 is released, but optimizations are being worked on night and day in the PUBG Corp. office. If you’re still getting bad performance problems, you may want to see whether PUBG will run on your computer.

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