Will PUBG Go On Sale In 2018?

In this FAQ thread, a user asks ‘Will PUBG go on sale in 2018?’ We take a look at the potential for a PUBG 2018 sale and delve into why we think it’s unlikely it’ll happen anytime soon.

Question: Will PUBG go on sale in 2018? 

Our answer: PUBG may go on sale in 2018 but it’s unlikely. There are two major reasons why it’s unlikely that PUBG will be put on sale anytime soon. The first reason is that the PUBG Xbox One release date was only on December 12, and it will be available for full price for Xbox One players for a while.

Will PUBG Go On Sale in 2018 2

The second reason is that PUBG is currently dealing with a big cheater problem. If PUBG Corp. were to drop the price, cheaters would be able to pick up new accounts for cheaper and start hacking again after being banned on their main account.

How Can I Get PUBG For Cheaper?

Because PUBG won’t go on sale in 2018, you may want to look elsewhere to get PUBG for cheaper. Whether you’re on Xbox One or PC, we can guarantee that there will be a cheaper price available. We have found some deals for you below that’ll be cheaper than buying PUBG straight from Steam.

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Take a look at our suggestions for the cheapest place to buy PUBG below.

CDKeys – Click Below
The price for PUBG on CDKeys will vary slightly, depending on the price the CDKeys owners can get hold of keys for.

CDKeys are generally trusted by the video game community and at the time of writing offer the following prices:

PUBG on PC for £19.49.

PUBG on Xbox One for £20.79.

Prices for your region may vary, but it’s likely to be less than the price you pay for PUBG on Steam or directly from Xbox.

How To Play PUBG

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